Sand Artist   |   Book illustrator   |   Happy Person

My passion has always been art. I begun my artist's creer at the age of two when I won a big pink bear at a drawing contest. (I still have it at home). Ever since then my hobbies, education and job have all been related to art and creativity. So I can easily agree with Confucius: "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life!"


Primary School

O.Kalpaks Riga Folk Art Primary School   |   1997 - 2006  

Diploma project    |   "Four seasons" pearl embroidered cusions

High School / College

Riga School of Design and Art   |   2006 - 2010

Diploma project  |  "Data rain protective coats" fassion/design atributes


The Art Academy of Latvia |  2010 - 2015

Bachelor Thesis  | „Children books written and illustrated by Alberts Kronenbergs in 1930s”



 Ivars Heinrihsons, Latvian neoexpressionism painter

Imants Vecozols, Latvian Still life painter


​     Graphics 

Valdis Villerušs, Latvian Graphic artist


​Pencil Drawing  |  Ink Drawing  |   Illustration   

Oil Painting  |  Acrylic painting  |   Watercolor painting

Photo Editing  |  Video Editing  |  Graphic Design


   Sand Art Composition  |  Sand Animation Storyline creation  |  Live Sand Animation Performances

Sand animation is a unique type of art that not many artists practice yet, so learning it is a challenge. The skill for sand artists is acquired by learning from each other through the internet, using videos and descriptions. Also practicing and discovering techniques of your own is irreplacable part of learning. I have had the privilage of practicing Sand animation profesionally for almost 7 years now, which has allowed me to master the technique. But there is always more to learn and discover!


 Since 2012 I have worked as a profesional sand artist cooperating in projects with creative staff of LTD Deserto (latvian Smilšu kino and other professionals from culture and entertainment industry. Through these years I have performed more than 300 personalized shows for corporate events, private parties, weddings, charity events and conerts. I've had the pleasure to not only perform in my land - Latvia - but have also brought sand shows to USA and several European countries.


Paralel to my sand artist career I am a children's book illustrator. Smaller or bigger projects - illustration is always like creating a new world!

o Monthly illustration for childrens story section in Latvian catholic magazine "Catholic Messenger"(Katoļu Vēstnesis)  2017.05. –

o Illustrations for a Childrens book "Stories for Open Hearts" (Stāsti atvērtām sirdīm) by Daiga Kaže, 2020

o Illustrations for a Childrens book "Nine Evenings in Nice Conversations"(Deviņi vakari jaukās sarunās) by Daiga Kaže, 2018
o Illustrations for a Childrens book "My Dear Latvia"(Mana mīļā Latvija) by Dace Priede, 2016
oIllustrations for a Childrens book "We Have the Same Blood - You and Me"(Mums vienas asinis – Tev un Man) 
by Dace Priede, 2014
o Illustrations and coloring task sheets for a Childrens book "Coloring Task Book"(Krāsojamā
uzdevumu grāmata)
, 2014
o Illustrations for a Childrens book "Hedgehog and Squirel at a Sunday School"(Ezītis un vāverēns svētdienas skolā) 
by Vita Rudzīte, 2014
o Illustrations for AGAPE Latvia game cards "Perspective cards"(Perspektīvas kartiņas), 2012